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A Letter from Patrick

Dear Friends,

I would like to welcome you to my campaign website. I hope to become the next State Senator for the 2nd Hampden and Hampshire district. Thanks for visiting my site to learn more about my experiences and my candidacy.

For your information the 2nd Hampden and Hampshire is comprised of the cities of Holyoke, Westfield, Easthampton,  and ward 7, precincts A and B, ward 8, precinct A, ward 9, precinct A in the city of Chicopee along with the towns of Agawam, Granville, Montgomery, Russell, Southwick, Tolland, and Southampton.

As a life long resident of this district and a graduate of the Holyoke Public School system, I’m compelled to get into this race to make our District a better one to raise a family in. I believe that my background in government, small business, law enforcement, and civic engagement gives me a unique perspective that will help me legislate effectively in Boston.

I am currently a Holyoke Police Officer and real estate agent. I live with my wife Melissa and our beautiful daughter, Diane. My father Tom immigrated here in the early 60’s, met my mother, and set about making a family and building a life. My mother cared for my 4 siblings and I as my father worked as a Union Iron worker- Local 357 out of Springfield. When we were older my Mother, Mary Ellen, went back to work as a Dental Assistant, working at the Holyoke Soldiers Home with our veterans.

Our family values placed public service at the very pinnacle of our core beliefs. My three brothers and I serve our cities as Police Officers. My oldest brother Jim has been a City Councilor for 16 years. My sister Sheila is an audiologist at Wing Memorial Hospital.  I also volunteer on the Holyoke Library Board and I’m so proud of the new $14 million dollar Library Holyoke has built.

During my career I’ve worked to directly stop corruption and fraud in State Government in the State Treasurer’s office in Boston. I’ve worked hand in hand with small businesses to strengthen their bottom line and provide benefits to their employees. I’ve built collaborations with stakeholders in our poorest communities. I want to take this experience to Boston.

I look forward to discussing any questions, issues, ideas or concerns you may have. Please feel free to contact me through email, Facebook or the phone numbers listed in the contact section of this site. I hope that as the campaign evolves, you will see me as the better candidate to represent the 2nd Hampden and Hampshire District as your State Senator.

Respectfully yours,
Patrick Leahy




Patrick Leahy:

…is a life-long resident of Western Massachusetts who understands the importance of giving back to his community.

Patrick was born and raised in Holyoke, Massachusetts and comes from a family that has a long and proud history of civic and political involvement in their community. Pat’s father, Tom, worked as a Union Ironworker for 35 years and Pat’s mom, Mary Ellen, raised Pat and his 4 siblings and worked as a Dental Assistant treating Veterans at the Holyoke Soldiers Home. Patrick’s brother James has been an elected city councilor at-large in Holyoke for 15 years. His brothers Brian and Thomas serve their communities as police officers and his sister Sheila is an audiologist at Wing Memorial Medical Center. Patrick grew up learning the importance of giving back to his community.

…is a public safety leader and first responder who serves his city’s neighborhoods as a community police officer.

Patrick is a decorated Holyoke Police Officer who serves as a member of the Churchill Community Police Unit. Patrick received top awards in his academy class and over the past ten years he has been an exemplary officer and leader within both the community and his police department. Patrick also started the Holyoke Policemen’s Ball Committee and he has volunteered as a speaker at local schools where he has presented an anti-bullying and anti-drug message to our children and young adults.

…is experienced in both the public and private sector and understands the role of government in creating economic development, improving education, and providing health care for our residents.

Patrick has worked in the public sector for then Treasurer and Receiver General Easthampton native Shannon O’Brien and while there he oversaw aspects of the Commonwealth’s financial interests including the Deferred Compensation Plan and Abandoned Property Division. Patrick has also worked in the private sector as a medical device sales representative throughout Massachusetts where he gained valuable experience on both the business and provider side of healthcare.

…is a small business owner who knows firsthand the challenges that the private sector is facing in today’s economy.

Since 2011 Patrick has been an Associate Partner with Keller Williams Realty, which is one of the nation’s largest real estate brokerage firms. As a real estate agent, Patrick has developed his experience and understanding in the areas of purchase and sale of real property as well as contract negotiations. He has helped many of his clients to make one of the most important investments in their lives. Patrick also understands what small businesses need to strengthen their bottom line and provide benefits to their employees.

…is a husband and a father who is working to improve his community for his family, his neighbors, and his fellow residents.

Patrick lives in Holyoke with his wife Melissa and their baby daughter Diane. As a lifelong Holyoke resident Pat understands that in order to improve our community, we need to roll up our sleeves and get involved, which is exactly what he has done. In addition to serving as a Community and Neighborhood Police Officer, Patrick, along with Melissa, serves as a member of the Holyoke Public Library Board of Directors and the Holyoke Children’s Museum.


Where Leahy and his opponent, Republican Don Humason,  stand on various issues

Issue Leahy Humason
Expands the state’s beverage container deposit law to include all non-alcoholic containers Supports Against
Entitles certain employees to earn and utilize paid sick days Supports Against
Minimum wage increase – starting in 2015 it will be $9, in 2016 it will be $10 and finally in 2017 it will be $11. A tiered roll out of the program will not heap additional personnel costs on small businesses all at once. Supports Against
S 1353 – Reproductive Health Clinic Buffer Zones
The rights of women to access reproductive health care
Supports Against
Technology used for constituent outreach and engagement Supports Against
Same-sex marriage Supports Against
Bill H.4121
An Act relative to the reduction of gun violence
Supports Against
Bill H 4441
School Nutrition Standards “Healthier Lunches”
Supports Against
S 2123 & S 2195
Increases the minimum wage
Supports Against

Patrick Leahy – Candidate for State Senate

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Holyoke, MA 01041

Patrick Leahy
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Jennifer Hayes
Campaign Manager
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Campaign Consultant & Press Inquiries
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